Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover
Blackhead Remover

Blackhead Remover

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Still wondering why you get blackheads? 

Simply put, they're clogged pores that contain oils, dirt, and residue. When left untreated, they grow and expand, getting bigger and bigger on the skin. Traditional methods of blackhead removal only remove dirt on the surface - so a couple of days later they appear as blackheads again, and again, and again. The PoreVacuum Pro™ uses suction technology to get all dirt from deep inside the pores which other methods cannot reach, leaving nothing but a clean pore behind.


Suffering from bad skin and having unsightly blackheads or acne is no fun, and although we don't like to admit it, this can really affect how we perceive ourselves. If you want to be at your best for that life-changing interview, business meeting or date but your skin is letting you down, then your confidence won’t be high when you need it to be. 1 or 2 weekly skincare treatments for only 5 minutes with our blackhead remover will bring about a noticeable difference you can see and feel. 


You miss one day in your skincare routine and BOOM 💥 you break out. Sounds familiar? Companies make you dependent on their product so you keep buying from them. Your skin gets used to the harsh chemicals in these synthetic compounds and when you stop using them your skin either stop producing or overproduces your natural secretions, making it ten times worse.

A healthy diet, good hygiene, natural products tied with the PoreVacuum Pro™ are REALLY all you need to free yourself from this awful trap! The suction of the Pore Vacuum not only effortlessly removes blackheads, and whiteheads but also rejuvenates skin tissue, increases blood circulation and aids in cell repair to bring you pristine clear skin without the use of any harmful chemicals.



  1. Steam your face or have a Hot Shower for 5-10 minutes to allow pores to be opened and exposed before use
  2. We recommend to use the weakest intensity first, and gradually increase
  3. Move the PoreVacuum Pro™ Back and Forth DO NOT keep the Pore Vacuum in one place
  4. Use a cold towel or cold mask to close your facial pores and apply facial moisturizer when finished to shrink pores


  • 1x PoreVacuum Pro™
  • 1x Microcrystalline Probe
  • 1x Oval Probe
  • 1x Small Circular Probe
  • 1x Big Circular Probe
  • 1x Small Pointed Probe
  • 1x Sponge
  • 4x Silicone Rings
  • 1x USB Charger


Can I use the PoreVacuum on other parts of my body?

- Yes, the PoreVacuum works great to target acne on not only the face but also shoulders, back, legs, etc..

Is it safe to use? Will I get bruises?

- It is completely safe to use and will NOT cause bruising. Bruising would only occur with IMPROPER use. Improper use is defined as keeping the Pore Vacuum Pro on one area of the skin without moving it for a very long period of time. The proper method which uses light strokes with steady motion allows no chance of damage & increases absorption.

Does the PoreVacuum make your pores bigger?

- No, the PoreVacuum Pro™ does not cause pore enlargement. The pore might be temporarily inflamed due to the amount of caked-on dirt coming out of them, but any inflammation should go down within five to ten minutes.

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